Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Studio Rearranged and Grouting

Yesterday I rearranged my studio (with Gary's help) putting my work table in the middle and two rolling carts on the inside wall with the slab roller on the other wall. Excuse the mess. Ha. We shall see how this works out. Meanwhile my kiln delivery has been delayed which is a big rant. I'm looking for a different supplier to purchase a new kiln. Any suggestions? I was going to get the Skutt 1218 but someone has recommended the 1222 which is 4 inches taller but similar measurements as the 1218. It doesn't fire to Cone 10 but only 8 but I only fire to cone 6 anyway.

Meanwhile the back splash is all grouted. We need to get the switch plate covers and then I can show you the completed kitchen. Well minus staining the floor which Gary sanded again this morning.

Today I'm packing up work for a new sales venue which I'll tell you about coming up next. This morning is the first morning I haven't taken a pain pill, we shall see how the shoulder does all day. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.


B. Rogers, Living in Black Mountain said...

Glad you got hubby to move the studio stuff around...hope you have an easy day without any pain!

gigihawaii said...

I am glad your shoulder is improving. Good luck!

whatsthat said...

Hi Linda! I purchased a Skutt KM1222-3 from It just arrived last week, and we are still setting up. The customer service from Big Ceramic Store was GREAT! and the deciding factor for me was FREE shipping. The total package of the kiln plus the furniture weighed over 400 pounds, so free shipping was definitely a huge cost savings.

The shipper they used was also great, and everything went smoothly.

The 240V KM1222-3 does fire to Cone 10; the 208V only fires to 8.

I had been using a old Skutt manual kiln that was probably the equivalent of the 1227, and I loved it. Hope this helps!


Christine Covert said...

The few extra inches are well worth having. I also purchased from Big Ceramic. And when I was dissatisfied with the test kiln I bought from them that worked properly only once, they took it right back. Nice to have a state of the art kiln now.

Elephant's Child said...

Glad to hear the pain is diminishing. But take it as easy as you can. Please.

Melissa Rohrer said...

I just suggest you take your height into consideration. I have a Skutt 1027-3. It is 27" deep, but don't forget it's up on a stand. I'm 5'3" and that's as high as I could possibly deal with when I'm lowering that first kiln shelf into position.

Lori Buff said...

Have you checked with Atlanta Clay or Davens in Atlanta? I'm sure you could talk to them about prices and your needs.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Barb, thanks, it all worked out yesterday.

Hi Gigi, thanks, very slowly but steadily.

Hi Teresa, thanks for all the excellent advice I did get on their website and see they have a 1222 in stock, will check them out.

Hi Christine, thanks, yes I can then make a few taller items which I occasionally long to do.

Hi Elephant's Child, thanks, oh no worry there,this was very painful and I don't want to go back.

Hi Melissa, thanks, I am 5'2" and probably sinking slowly shorter so I don't want to go too tall that's for sure. I originally got the 1218 because it was lower since I have a bad back but I am getting the corelite shelves which are very lightl.

Hi Lori, thanks, Skutt referred me to Davens and I have talked to them but didn't know about Atlanta Clay, will check them out, would like to stay local as possible.

Trish said...

Looks great, Linda... a bright space to let the creativity flow.
Enjoy. T.

Trish said...

Looks great, Linda... a bright space to let the creativity flow.
Enjoy. T.

Linda Starr said...

Hi Trish, thanks so much.

Amy said...

Bennett Pottery in Ocoee, FL. I paid by check and they gave me the discount they give to school b/c I paid in cash…. kiln arrived on a pallet and in great condition. I have a 1227KM I think it's called and it fires up to cone 10 but I've only fired to cone 6. Couldn't be more pleased.