Thursday, July 24, 2014

Out Of Commission

I went to an immediate care clinic because my arm was hurting unmercifully; I had to have some pain pills at least for a few days.. I'm fairly certain I have a torn rotator cuff. I can't lift my arm more than a foot up from my side in any direction. Won't know if a tendon is involved unless I have an MRI. My insurance has a $6000 deductible. I don't have that lying around. When I paid the bill at the clinic, the bill was half as much if I paid cash rather than using my insurance, So I paid cash which means that didn't go against my deductible. It was the same thing at the pharmacy. There's something seriously wrong with my arm but there is also something seriously wrong with the medical care and insurance systems. if i post anything else it will be without capitals or punctuation - even with a pain pill i can feel my shoulder burning - i think shoulder pain may be the worst - thanks for reading and for all your comments

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Use A Straw

If you don't have a hole punch for clay but want to make a nice smooth hole, use a straw. You know the plastic straws you get with sweet tea. Sweet tea is every where in the South. If you don't like your tea too sweet, ask for it half and half. Seriously though, a straw works great for making a smooth hole in clay. After pushing the straw through the clay, pull it out and cut the end filled with clay off, then make the next hole.

In other news I have a pulled or torn muscle or ligament in my upper left arm. I can't lift my arm to the side more than a foot or so. I hope it's just pulled and not torn. I 've been putting an ice pack on it and it's a little bit better today. Gary also had the same injury a few weeks back in his left arm. Unfortunately he's left handed. I'm right handed. But even typing this hurts my left arm. Whoa is me, it's heck to get old. In other news Pottery Making Info shared my post about making slip and easy hump molds on Google Plus and Twitter. Thank you Pottery Making Info. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Sometimes things just aren't quite there. Do you ever feel that way when you make something? This is the second revision. Still not sure about the bird.

This was the first draft, didn't like the bow after an hour so I removed it and added the bird in the nest. The bow and bird came about because the textured rim I made wasn't long enough to go all the way around. The rim started out as a handle which might have been better. What you see in the finished product of a clay piece isn't always how it started. Much like a painting that may have many revisions so it is with clay sometimes. Still thinking about it but this morning it may be too late to revise again. The electrician finally got the plug for my kiln. Soon, soon. Thanks for reading and  for all your comments.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Carolina Silverbell

Today we went to the Butternut Creek Festival in Blairsville at Meeks Park. It was too late for me to enter the show but we went to look at all the other artist's work. Gary got a new tooled leather belt. His old one is over 30 years old. I guess he got his money's worth out of that one. It was raining so I didn't take my camera. The park is a beautiful place with five miles of walking trails which traverse the hills and meander along the creek. Covered pavilions dot the area and bridges cross the creek in several spots and there are benches and swings in viewing spots along the creek. 

On the way back to the parking lot walking along a gravel path beside the creek I saw a tree with some interesting drupe type seed pods. I broke off a small branch to take home to see what it was. I found out this is a Carolina or Mountain Silverbell, Halesia carolina.

I must remember to go back when the seed pods ripen to plant one near my home. The tree is vigorous and a fast grower. The I'll go back in next Spring to see this tree in bloom. The first photo and seed pod photo were borrowed from Wikipedia.

I worked on a couple of pieces for my online class with Diana Fayt today. I also made the textured tower above using my overlapping strips of clay technique. This piece is about seven inches tall and seven by five inches wide. Thanks for reading and for all your comments.